The Nocnista Agenda by Christopher Hepworth is an intriguing adventure that is action packed with deadly political agendas, past abuses, vengeance, and a strong lust for power. This not just a story about politics or nations in danger, and it is not just about morals and ethics – it is about so much more. Hepworth weaves a story line that demonstrates the differences in culture and societies and the differences in people.
While struggling to acquire data base storage, Sam Jardine meets a list of characters that will try to seduce him, beat him, outsmart him and save him. Jardine has his moments where he is strong yet weak, smart yet one step behind. He is a complex character that is driven by past demons and failures.

“She did not look back as the sounds of the old priest trying to break down the door of his side of the confessional box reverberated throughout the old church. She made a mental note to thank the carpenter for swapping the locks on the confessional box and adding the clasp to the grill just as she had instructed. … Natalya opened the heavy wooden doors of the old church and closed them behind her just as the grenade exploded with a ‘whump.’ The blast vaporized the confessional box and the old priest, …”

Hepworth writes strong women into his books and he does it well. The above quote taken from the book demonstrates Natalya’s thirst for vengeance and strength to carry it out as well as intelligence. Trust me when I say the priest was not as he appeared and deserved his fate. Harsh? Read it and find out! No one is truly as they appear and that is what keeps it nail biting and intense.

Hepworth has done it again. An excellent story told in rich details and descriptions. I loved it! I could not put it down. Hepworth does not allow the reader to get lost, rather he builds a strong connection between his characters and readers. You can not only see the Cossacks on the ridge, but you can feel the fear they induce and jubilation of Jardine when he sees them.

I look forward to more writings by Christopher Hepworth!

WordsAPlenty – Charla White

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