“I’m Geoff from Smart Lifestyle. I’ll be setting up your system for you today. I must say, Mr Sugden, you have selected an incredible package. Your life will never be the same again.”
And thus begins an exciting thriller that will make you question your internet and social media addictions.

Sam Jardine is multifaceted. Sometimes he seems quite naïve yet strong and smart but usually one step behind most of the time. He grows into the role he is thrust in and in the end, it is his high ethics and morals that save him and those he cares about. He tends to be the type of person who settles and tries to make things flow, but then you see he is a much more complex person with desires and ethics that motivate him to be the knight on a white horse.

The Nocnista Agenda by Christopher Hepworth is full of twists and turns, the plot evolves realistically and excitedly. Drawing upon history, a secret society better known as a cult and a nation riddled with opportunistic people who would sell their mother for a dollar, The Nocnista Agenda is a nail biting thriller that you will not be able to put down. I was drawn in completely and couldn’t put the book down.

While Hepworth tells a complex tale, it is done in an easy flowing manner that sucks the reader right in and won’t let go until the end. Rich details, emotions and passion – that is what Hepworth gives to the readers. One can’t help but be riveted by the story and the characters. The playing football before a state dinner and then the betrayal … wow! Hepworth is a masterful story teller!


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