“Sam Jardine isn’t your common or garden-variety hero. As a corporate negotiator, he doesn’t have Bond’s suaveness, nor does he have the fists of Jason Bourne—he certainly comes off second best in physical combat. What he does have is an uncanny talent for negotiating his way out of trouble, cutting incredible deals in the nick of time. Sam also has an endearing, self-effacing wit that wins the hearts of women and his allies, but infuriates enemies. Sam’s mind is definitely his sexiest asset (although he’s handsome too).

In Sleepwalker Legacy, we accompany Sam as he is swept up in saga of international intrigue and heart-stopping adventures that stem back to events over two hundred years earlier. The excitement starts in the opening chapter, when Sam flees for his life from a deadly negotiation in Beijing, and is rescued by heiress Rachel Beckett, who “just happens to be passing” at the right time in her limo. Escaping China by the skin of his teeth, he is indebted to this beautiful woman. And so it begins…

Sleepwalker Legacy delves into the bloodthirsty Anglo-American war of 1812, and the harrowing WWII battlefields of Germany in 1944. In both these wars, the use of a disturbing drug called Berserker wins battles, but takes the victors’ souls and ruins the lives of their ancestors.

Christopher Hepworth brings other colourful characters into his story along the way, including a giant, ex-SAS Scotsman named Mungo, Sam’s endearing but troubled great-uncle Roy, and the sweet but tormented Cassie.

I recommend Sleepwalker Legacy to anyone who loves corporate thrillers, with a touch of romance and some intriguing history about the tragic fate of Native American Indians. You won’t be able to put it down!”

– Sally, Full Proofreading Services, Sydney.