The Sleepwalker Legacy

The Sleepwalker legacy: (Sam Jardine Crime Thrillers Book 1)

In 1814, Britain’s foremost scientist, George Napier witnesses a drug-fuelled massacre on a US battlefield. The drug, Berserker, has a deadly side effect known as the Sleepwalker Legacy, which destroys the life of his Native American lover. After the War, Napier dedicates himself to the eradication of Berserker.

Two hundred years later, Napier’s global pharmaceutical company has fallen into the hands of the ruthless Beckett family. They are determined to produce and leverage Berserker for profit, as the US government seeks to exploit the drug for military advantage.

Sam Jardine is a direct descendant of Napier. When he discovers that Berserker could change the nature of humanity forever, he sets out to fulfil his ancestor’s destiny by destroying the drug from within, using his extraordinary powers of negotiation. Sam finds himself battling demons from his past as he becomes entangled in a dangerous game of corporate espionage and a battle of wits with the beautiful heiress, Rachael Beckett. He resolves to help his lover, Cassie, who inherited the Sleepwalker Legacy and is becoming increasingly unstable. But Sam is in a race against time…


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Book Reviews

  • “I really enjoyed reading it! It’s very addictive and I’m finding myself thinking of the story when I’m out walking or doing the shopping etc. It’s a good sign when a book gets into my head like that!”
    R.S. – Director, Australia.

  • “Sam Jardine isn’t your common or garden-variety hero. As a corporate negotiator, he doesn’t have Bond’s suaveness, nor does he have the fists of Jason Bourne—he certainly comes off second best in physical combat. What he does have is an uncanny talent for negotiating his way out of trouble, cutting incredible deals in the nick … Continue reading

  • “I really enjoyed the book from beginning to end. I thought the character development was perfect … after reading the book the characters really stayed with me. Really, really loved the book … I’d like to read it again if you are up for more feedback.”

    E.D. – Manager, USA

  • “I’ve just finished your book and I have to say that it was a great read. I was genuinely not expecting it to be so enjoyable but it was a proper page turner and had me engaged from start to finish.”
    S.L. – Test Manager, Sydney, Australia

  • “Sleepwalker Legacy is a corporate thriller with many twists and turns that kept me guessing right until the end. A most enjoyable read with some intriguing characters, mystery and suspense. As the story progresses and the mystery unravels, links to the past and the vivid depiction of one man’s experience of the American Civil War … Continue reading

  • “I enjoyed the book. I think it would make a good Hollywood movie actually! I really liked the way the author conveyed the Scottish accent! As I read the words out loud I actually sounded Scottish!”  
    Diane – proof reader, Sydney


  • “The story kept us riveted to the end. I read it aloud to Len and he was often heard saying ‘have we got time for another chapter?’ Your character & scene development were very well done: we felt we were right there with them. We empathised with Cassie and still not sure about Rachael’s motives!” … Continue reading

  • “Enjoyed your book. Very well written. Good potential world threat. Potential for movie. Interest for Hollywood blockbuster! One of my top ten most enjoyed books! Well done!”
    S.H. – Managing Director, Taunton, U.K.