Author Interview – The Joys of Binge Reading

Sydney writer Christopher Hepworth’s Hollywood-paced international thrillers feature a 21stcentury “James Bond” hero, a high body count and lots of action in exotic settings. It’s Indiana Jones with high stakes conspiracy.

Hi there: I’m your host Jenny Wheeler, and today Christopher tells us why he loves the thriller genre and how growing up in Zambia has influenced his writing.

Six things you’ll learn from this Joys of Binge Reading episode:

  • What Christopher loves about writing thrillers 
  • The magic Sydney location where he works
  • Why Sam Jardine is a particularly “21st century” hero
  • The mentors who’ve inspired him
  • How he survived a guerilla attack in childhood Zambia
  • And why he’d rather go down the Nile than camping in England

Listen to the podcast here:

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