In The Sleepwalker Legacy, we met Sam Jardine, the determined, uncannily smart, and charmingly self-effacing hero. In The Nocnista Agenda, you will come to like him even more.

The Nocnista Agenda is Christopher Hepworth’s second novel featuring modern day hero, procurement expert, Sam Jardine. This time, we find Sam in a dangerous struggle as he negotiates to save his employer, Smart Lifestyle, from oblivion, and walks a dangerous tightrope, caught between Ukrainian politics and commercial greed. In the process, he unwittingly becomes the next target of the Keeper, a psychopathic grim reaper wreaking havoc on social media accounts, destroying the lives of powerful people he considers have fallen foul of his moral standards.

Amidst the heartstopping action, he falls for Natalya Alexandrova, but realising her ambition and his mission has them on a collision course, he leaves her. As tanks close in under the determined command of a resolute Russian major, Sam enlists the help his fiery Cossack protégé, Xenia, and a stoic US secret serviceman to save Ukraine and prevent a chain of events that will start the next world war.

__ Sally Asnicar

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